My deal: I’m a huge fan of comic strips, starting with an early love of the greatest comic of all, “Calvin and Hobbes”, then moving on to my favourite cartoonist who’s still working, Amend. Once I became net-savvy (which is what the kids call it, right?), I started to dig the whole webcomic culture, and now I’m trying to fake my way into it.

My chops: I don’t really have an art background, but I bought a Tablet, and I’m gonna go for it.

What’s in it for you: Expect a lot of jokes about movies, and (hopefully) an art style that gradually improves over time. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll get jokes a little more frequently, though they’ll be less thought out.

I read:  “PvP”, “xkcd”, “The Non-Adventures of Wonderella”, “SubNormality”, both of Kris Straub’s strips, “The Order of the Stick”, “Sheldon”, “Penny Arcade”, “Bored at Work Comics” and others. Caution: Though I try to maintain a PG-13 policy with my own comics, some of those comics might not.