Here’s an update on that “Conan” movie I mentioned last month: It’s got a nifty origin sequence, featuring one of the most badass birth scenes you’re likely to see in a movie.  It’s also got Ron Perlman, who makes absolutely every movie better by virtue of his participation (though his influence is counteracted by Force of Suck Nicolas Case, as seen in “Season of the Witch”). Jason Mamoa does what Conan always did in the original stories; stabs, slashes, drinks, steals and cavorts, with maybe a little more levity. The plot is pretty generic, but I wasn’t expecting a le Carre novel or anything. For me, the problem was with the action sequences, and my previously-mentioned beef with 3D. People move around quickly in dimly-lit locations while I’m wearing dark glasses.  Occasionally, details get missed.

Also, was this narrated by Morgan Freeman? I wasn’t completely sure…  It would be neat if it was Arnold Schwarzenegger doing an impression of Morgan Freeman.

I thought it was about as entertaining as a typical episode of the “Conan” animated series, and not as bad as “Conan the Destroyer”. It falls short of the original classic, but my hopes weren’t that high going in.

Next update, I’ll tell you what I thought of the new, post-“Twilight” “Fright Night”.