Ah, 3D movies. A fad, a gimmick, or the next big step in modern moviemaking?  It’s odd to have technology which has existed in one form or another for decades making such a sudden and complete resurgence among new releases. I suppose “Avatar” and the associated box office returns are to blame, but it seems like there’s a bandwagon and too many dang movies are jumping on board. I’m not tech savvy enough to talk about it at length, but apparently there’s a great deal of difference between shooting a flick with the intent of releasing in 3D and jamming that third dimension in during post-production. This difference, while palpable, is not represented in a change of ticket price, so beware.

The Pixar folks seem to know what to do with the technology, but they tend to be amazing at everything (except for determining the correct answer to the question: “Should we make a sequel to unquestionably our worst film?”). I remember enjoying “Up” and “Toy Story 3” in 3D, but the majority of the 3D movies I’ve watched have been marked by excessive dimness and upper-face clamminess. Oh, and “Coraline” was another amazing exception. The dimness and associated claustrophobia may have been intentional, in that case.

And that pinching thing is absolutely real. Put some kind of nose-guards on those things, people!