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Although they’re not from the same studio, I feel like the success of “The Lego Movie” must have led to this recent “Barbie” movie announcement. It’s possible that they’ll do something positive with it, I suppose, but I’m skeptical. I’ve long despised the pink aisles at the toy stores and all the gender role baggage they carry around.

Lego should be the ideal, gender-neutral toy, but the flick included an overwhelming majority of male characters. On the other side, we’ve got an extremely gendered toy line that’s going to gain even greater recognition and prominence by releasing a major feature film. It’s not that toys which emphasize clothing and domestic life aren’t worthy, it’s just annoying that they’re exclusively marketed to girls while tools, weapons, etc. are marketed to boys. Actually, Nerf started a line of products aimed at the “Hunger Games”/”Divergent”/Post-Apocalyptic crowd, but naturally they feature the standard pink/purple colour scheme reserved for that gender.

I don’t know. It’s annoying.

Google Led You Here: “Batman Jokes” Can’t help you, Internet Searcher. Jokes ain’t Batman’s style. That’s his nemesis’s schtick.