I’ve decided that when people are consumed by revenge, their eyes go into aquamarine spirals.

Movie-wise, I’ve recently watched “Dangerous Beauty”, which tells the true story of a Venetian courtesan/poet, Veronica Franco. I wasn’t familiar with most of the cast, but I was convinced to watch the movie because it featured Oliver Platt, a man who has a history of elevating flicks with his performances. Catherine McCormack plays the lead, and I didn’t think she carried off the charm, grace or charisma that her character was supposed to exhibit. Rufus Sewell is the love interest, and for once, he doesn’t seem to have the nasty edge that I’ve come to associate with him.  The final bit is an extended trial scene, which drags on with jurisdictional technicalities and false climaxes.

Overall, it’s kind of hokey and the tone is irregular, but if you’re really keen on watching the “Batman Begins” of lady-of-the-evening movies, check it out.  Plus, it reminds us of a simpler time, when you could express your love by sending someone a peacock.