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Yay for Wonder Woman in a feature film! She’s not going to be in much of it, but hopefully it’ll be a Nick Fury style awesome cameo that will set up a more prominent appearance in a future flick. We need a solo Wonder Woman movie, ASAP. I’m sure that Gal Godot will be right for the part. She’s a former soldier, and that goes a long way towards serving Diana’s backstory. I also love that they didn’t cast an American in the role. There’s a popular perception that she’s an American character, but that’s absolutely untrue (the reasons for the whole “Stars n’ Stripes” costume motif depend on the origin story).

Can’t wait to see Batman beat up Superman, then get beat up by Wonder Woman!


Google Led You Here: “Nice bums” Oh Internet Searcher, you flatterer!


What’s the Joke, Projectionist? What indeed?