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I’ll try to check out “Thor: The Dark World” this weekend. I thought the first one was a bit uneven, but generally pretty good. The cast is very strong, and now they’ve added the Ninth Doctor. Seems like a winning combo. I’m interested in seeing what’s up with Thor and Loki after their tussle in “Avengers”.

The news of the Netflix Marvel series is fantastic. I think Daredevil seems like a logical choice for a series, and I’m very excited about Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. If ace attorney Matt Murdock ever happens to run into Jennifer Walters, all the better. Marvel’s doing a heck of a job managing their properties. Even though I’m not 100% invested in “Agents of SHIELD”, it’s very wise of them to intertwine the series with the films.

Google Led You Here “Cinemma Chen Bumm” WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, Internet Searcher?!




What’s the Joke, Projectionist? The “Star Wars” delay stung, but the Netflix series news soothes the pain somewhat.