It’s not one of the World’s Finest, but maybe you could LIKE my comic?

Lots of interesting news from San Diego. Superman is going to throw down with Batman, as predicted previously. I think I’d be more excited about this if they’d built up to it. Introducing Batman IN the Batman/Superman movie seems like DC is trying to have their dessert first. Plus, “Man of Steel” wasn’t very good and it’s basically the same creative team. But it’s still a live-action Superman and Batman movie, so obviously I’ll be watching it.

The next “Avengers” movie will feature Ultron as the antagonist, so that’s kind of nifty. Evil robots are always fun.

There was also a trailer for the 50th anniversary “Doctor Who” special, but it’s not available on the interwebs yet. I’m particularly psyched for that one.

Google Led You Here: “Cinema Bumss” It’s as if a snake is looking for my comic, Internet Searcher.





What’s the Joke, Projectionist? The Batman/Superman news is awesome enough to make Doug and Mindy’s heads explode.