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“Man of Steel” certainly did well for itself. An $125M opening weekend ensures that we’ll see a sequel and hopefully some more DC Comics properties. The reviews were unkind, with frequent mention of an overly dour tone and some confusing action pieces, but that didn’t stop moviegoers. I hope that this puts “Wonder Woman” on the fast-track. With the right creative team, it could be amazing.

Speakin’ of which, the release dates for “Amazing Spider-Man 3” and “Amazing Spider-Man 4” were announced by Sony today. I didn’t looooove the first one, but it certainly pulled in some cash, so I can see why they want to make sure the public knows that they’re in the Spidey business. The cast of the next one, including Paul Giamatti as Rhino and Chris Cooper as Norman Osborne, sounds fun.

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What’s the Joke, Projectionist? Superman is immune to crappy reviews, as evidenced by “Man of Steel”‘s opening weekend.