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“Man of Steel” is coming out this weekend and early reports suggest that it’ll make oodles of cash. There is talk that WB have already inked a “Man of Steel 2” and “Justice League” deal for Synder and Goyer, which is either good news or bad, depending on whether this Friday’s flick is decent. Reviews have been pretty sparse, so I’ll maintain my cautious optimism.

A week after Superman, we’ve got “World War Zed” comin’ in. Reports have been mixed about that one. They had to do some re-writes and some additional shooting, and it really doesn’t look like it has much to do with the book, other than the central premise of a global zombie epidemic (to which most governments respond poorly). But, hey, might be neat.

Google Led You Here: “Joker bum” The Joker’s not homeless, Internet Searcher. He’s always got a cozy cell at Arkham waiting for him.


What’s the Joke, Projectionist? Del doesn’t want to see “Man of Steel”, so she feigns ignorance about basic comic lore in order to frustrate Mindy.