LIKE my comic, as you would a Raccoon with a Rocket

“Guardians of the Galaxy” is the hardest sell of the forthcoming Marvel flicks. It’s a team of different space aliens fightin’ bad space aliens. One of the good guys is a smart aleck talkin’ raccoon, though, and I predict that he’ll be very well-received by moviegoers.

The casting decisions have been perplexing. I have faith that it’ll all make sense as part of a greater whole, but these components don’t seem to naturally mesh together very well. You’ve got Glenn Close, you’ve got John C. Reilley (probably), you’ve got the dumb guy from “Parks and Recreation”, you’ve got Benecio Del Toro. I’m kinda hopin’ that del Toro is playing Rocket Raccoon, actually (though my main pick is still Nathan Fillion).

Last weekend, the flick about the magician thieves and M. Night’s 149th strike were beat out by the movie about the fast cars. “Man of Steel” can’t get here fast enough. Also: “Monsters University”.

Google Led You Here: “Bums Star Wars” Honestly, Internet Searcher, why must you do this to us?



What’s the Joke, Projectionist?Each piece of casting news that’s been announced for “Guardians of the Galaxy” has been more unusual than the one that preceded it.