We’re trying our first multi-part comic today.  As you can see, the subject matter features one of the most vile sins of modern movie appreciation: the unsolicited spoiler. I’m sure you’ve felt the sting of this particular blade before. The offenders wear many masks, from the clueless and callous friend depicted above to the trailer that’s so desperate to get you so see the movie that they reveal the big secret. I think there are degrees of offence to this crime, some of which most people wouldn’t register. In my mind, even telling someone that a twist exists is enough to earn you a grimace and narrowed eyes. It influences your appreciation of the film, because you’re going to be looking for clues and anticipating a big reveal, whereas you would usually just be sitting back and enjoying the experience. Whatever the degree, though, if you spoil a movie for me, you owe me a bag of popcorn the next time we see a film together.  That’s the law.  Or it will be soon.  Vote yes on Proposition 92!
Anyway, Mindy’s angry, and that does not bode well for Doug. See how her wrath progresses on Thursday.