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Yeah, they’re really starting work on a “Medieval Times” movie. So, I guess the elevator pitch would be something like “Knights, horses and swords that spark when they collide! Wheee!”. The types of properties that can be optioned is gradually widening. I’ll lay even money that we’ll see a movie based on a breakfast cereal within 10 years.

Many folks worldwide have already seen “Star Trek Into Darkness”, but bein’ a North American, I’ve got to wait until at least Wednesday. I’ll try to avoid spoilers until then, but it’ll be hard.

Google Led You Here: “Dungeons and Dragons Movie” Look away, Internet Searcher! Look away!




What’s the Joke, Projectionist? The world presented by the Medieval Times experience is undermined constantly. The audience’s suspension of disbelief is repeatedly threatened. Whimsically, I propose that this aspect be transitioned into the film adaptation.