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That first “Dungeons and Dragons” was a real pile of incoherent bullcrap. My loyalty to the roleplaying game forced me to attend a screening on opening weekend. Some part of me was convinced that it might be worthwhile, even though all evidence pointed to the contrary. It was a sloppy mess, made worse by terrible performances from everyone involved. I’m convinced that it shot down Thora Birch’s rising star.

But still, if you can, check it out. There’s amusement to be found in its terribleness.

Google Led You Here: “Peanut Gallery Jokes” At the expense of the gallery, or delivered by the gallery, Internet Searcher? You need to be specific!





What’s the Joke, Projectionist? The original “D&D” movie was so terrible that Mindy repressed it. Now she’s mad that she remembers it.