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“Iron Man 3” is pretty darned spiffy! It wasn’t what I expected, though considering that it was a Shane Black “joint”, maybe I should have. It’s well acted and it doesn’t always repeat the formula of the Marvel flicks that came before it. All the returning players are in top form, but the new folks (Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall) all deliver solid performances, as well. It seems like North America really dug it, too, since it pulled in $175M in its opening weekend. That means that RDJ is in a pretty sweet position for his ongoing salary negotiations.

I assume he’ll be returning for “Avengers 2”. I don’t like the idea of re-casting him. It worked out very well for the Hulk, but Downey’s take on Tony Stark is what ignited the whole Marvel cinematic universe. Give the man what he wants, he’s earned it.

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What’s the Joke, Projectionist? Robert Downey Jr. is in a strong position to negotiate for future Disney flicks. He’s being offered the riches depicted in the intellectual property owned by the company (as well as knowledge from the preserved head of Walt Disney himself).