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I still dig Burton’s “Batman”. Keaton’s great as Batman, and Nicholson’s Joker is an entirely different beast from Ledger’s, though just as amazing in a lot of ways. It’s a little heavy on the Burton-style “dark fairytale” elements for my tastes, but the performances are great, and most of the design elements are pretty special. Also, Robert Wuhl always feels like he wandered into the wrong movie. Overall, solid.

“Oblivion” is coming out this weekend. I’m vaguely interested, so I may check it out.

Google Led You Here: “Sidekicks” Sure, Internet Searcher. Wanna be mine? Or if you’re Batman or Wonder Woman, I’m willing to be yours.



What’s the Joke, Projectionist? Batman dialogue, repurposed. If that’s funny, it’s the joke. If it’s not, there is no joke.