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I remember not hating “Passion of the Christ”. Jim Caviezel gives a strong performance, and it’s got a strong sense of tone. It definitely pushes the envelope in terms of graphic violence, but I guess that was the point.

I saw “Queen of Versailles” recently and enjoyed it. It’s about an extremely wealthy family, mainly the titular engineer-turned-beauty queen-turned-superrich housewife. The documentary initially focuses on her attempt to build her dream home, the largest private residence in the U.S.A. The financial crisis hits the family hard, however, so we spend the second half of flick focused on the repercussions thereof. Decent flick. Worth a look.

Google Led You Here: “How Do You Set Up a Cinema Pre-Show?” No idea, Internet Searcher. I only know how to rip tickets, announce movies and sell popcorn. I can also tell you which movies to avoid, but I can’t set up a pre-show.





What’s the Joke, Projectionist? “The Passion of the Christ” is violent enough for Doug to mistake it for a horror film.