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Yeah, that’s about the size of it. Abrams’s “Star Trek” features a lot of male folks and not a lot of female folks, which devoted readers know is a peeve of mine. New characters were added to the Original Series roster, but none of ’em were of ladies. Nero was a neat concept; a time-shifted Romulan out for revenge against the half-Vulcan he believes is responsible for the loss of his family. Could have worked equally well with a woman, in my opinion. In “Star Trek Into Darkness”, we’re getting Dr. Carol Marcus (as played by Alice Even). In the original continuity, she’s unfortunately mainly known as the mom of Kirk’s only kid, which sort of keeps the “Uhura + Moms” rule goin’. But we also get a new villain, “not-Khan” (played by Benedict Cumberbatch), who seems to be dominating all the press materials. Another dude, dangit. I’m still strongly in favour of Cumberbatch being in this thing, I’m just mad that it means that the male/female cast ratio suffers for it.

I’m probably going to devote more space and at least one comic to this, but with “Star Wars: Episode VII”, there’s really no reason to have this kind of unequal gender representation. Assuming that carryover characters from the other flicks are in supporting roles, the rest of the cast should be relatively evenly split between ladies and gentlemen. Some LGBTQ representation would be awesome, too.

Anyway… Rant over. More rants comin’.