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Boom! “Oz” made lots of cash, so now there’s talk of a sequel. Considering that it was positioned as a pseudo-prequel to “The Wizard of Oz” (to the extent that Disney could legally do so), this is an interesting development. I assume the sequel will be all about Franco purchasing various unobtrusive curtains.

“Iron Man 3” is on the horizon. It looks pretty nifty and seems to feature oodles and oodles of power suits. There also appears to be a variation on the comics’ “Hulkbuster”, which is specially designed to take down a certain gamma-fueled behemoth.

Google Led You Here: “Hawkeye Bum” Honestly, Internet Searcher, sometimes I don’t know what to do with you.






What’s the Joke, Projectionist? Doug’s sneaking food into the movies. While he’s being a little creative, he’s also being kind of a jerk. Is a pizza wrapped up like a birthday present funny? Who’s to say?