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“Exit Through the Gift Shop” was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it. As indicated above, it takes a few turns and ultimately leaves the viewer with a few questions about the “reality” of the film, but pondering those questions can be very rewarding.

I haven’t been to the cinemas recently, and it doesn’t look like I’ve missed much. Singer’s “Jack the Giant Killer” took the weekend, but was still considered a financial failure. There’s also a sequel to “The Last Exorcism” called “No, Really, We Swear, This is the Last, Last One”.

Rumours are circling that Christopher Nolan will be taking over the creative direction of all future DC movies in order to ensure a consistent universe (Marvel style). There are also rumours suggesting that Christian Bale will be reprising the Batman role in a forthcoming “Justice League” flick. Fans have responded to this by wishin’ real hard that Bale would appear in “Man of Steel” in a Nick Fury-style cameo. I think that’d be neat, but we have to ease up on the wishin’. It’s like a surprise birthday party. Even if you strongly suspect that one’s about to happen, you can’t let on or it’ll spoil everyone’s fun.

Google Led You Here: “Bums Cinema”So close, Internet Searcher.




What’s the Joke, Projectionist? Del dives into an explanation of “Exit Though the Gift Shop”‘s intricacies and fails to notice that she lost Doug’s interest much earlier in the conversation.