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I thought the Oscars were pretty good. I got a little annoyed at all the musical numbers, particularly when they were unrelated to the evening’s nominees and had more to do with the “theme” of Music in the Movies. I enjoyed seeing Shirley Bassey perform “Goldfinger”, but the evening is long enough without padding like that.

My picks were… just embarrassing. I only got 50% of them right, which is a personal worst. Upsets were happening left and right, including an unexpected tie for Sound Editing. I’m a little annoyed at Jennifer Lawrence earning the title of “Academy Award Winner” (which’ll be tacked on to all her future dramatic performances), but I’ll get over it. Waltz was a suprise, but a welcome one. In an Affleck-less Director category, Ang Lee is a great choice. Hathaway and Day-Lewis, long-acknowledged “locks”, walked away with Oscar gold, as well. Tarantino grabbed a Screenplay win, which made me pretty happy.

Seth MacFarlane did a decent job. He’s got the confidence and he can deliver a joke as well as croon a tune. It’s a shame that so many of his jokes rely on outdated social viewpoints. I’d like to see him move past that with his future projects, because I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

Google Led You Here: “World’s Greatest Detective” You speak of the Batman, Internet Searcher!



What’s the Joke, Projectionist? A couple of mini jokes about the Oscars, actually. Panel 1: Comparing Oscar results to wagering on a sporting event. Panel 2: Del wishes for MacFarlane to be whisked away to the 1950s, because it would suit his material & style and it would mean that she doesn’t have to deal with him, Panel 3: Not really a joke, just a brief observation about MacFarlane’s ol’ smokescreen around his offensive material. He’s not making a misogynist joke! He’s saying “Aren’t misogynist jokes bad? Like this one, for instance…”, Panel 4: Mindy’s willing to forgive a lot for those who support Shatner.