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It’s a dismal time for new movies. There’s that “Die Hard” sequel, “Identity Thief”, “Safe Haven”, etc. Just a bushel of “meh”, really. The real movie news is Oscar night on Sunday. Will we see any major upsets? Best Director, Actress and Supporting Actor are all wide open, so they’re still anyone’s game.

If you’ve got any predictions, be sure to send me a Comment below.

I’ve also added some new content to the “Other Stuff” page, including some veggie superheroes I did for the U of T, as well some fanart for the Thrilling Adventure Hour.

Google Led You Here:speech bubble about the meaning and stuffs you have to do about caring”  Not sure what you’re looking for, Internet Searcher.





What’s the Joke, Projectionist? I dunno. Oscars + Papal Conclave = Funny? Keep me posted.