You LIKE my comic, you really LIKE my comic!

I no longer have a definitive choice for “Best Picture”. I’d have put all my money on “Lincoln” last month, but this wave of love for “Argo” was unexpected. I thought it was fine, but I guess I didn’t count on Hollywood falling in love with a movie about Hollywood saving the day (based on a true story about Hollywood helping Canada save the day).

Day-Lewis and Hathaway are still locks, but Actress and Supporting Actor are still fuzzy. And again, in the absence of Affleck, I have no idea who’s going to walk away with Best Director. We shall see on Sunday, friends.

Google Led You Here: “Zombie Shakespeare Play”There should be more of ’em, am I right, Internet Searcher?




What’s the Joke, Projectionist? I try to get some mileage out of Doug’s unfamiliarity with critically acclaimed films.