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“Live Free or Die Hard” annoyed the crap out of me. I was really hoping for Lucy to come into her own, demonstrating the kind of action hero moxie and unflappable bravery shown by her parents in “Die Hard”, but she didn’t really bring a lot to the table. She was defiant, sure, but ultimately her role was to get kidnapped and wait for her daddy to rescue her. So, that annoyed me. Now, we’ve got “A Good Day to Die Hard” and it’s revealed that John McClane’s son seems to have a lot more in common with him than his daughter. He shoots guns, he runs away from explosions, he’s a CIA agent, etc. Two kids, one of ’em is a kidnapping victim, the other’s an action hero.

I had a similar bone to pick with “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. In that flick, Shia LaBeouf plays a character named after a father he’s never met until the events of the movie. He’s also positioned as the heir apparent of Indy’s adventuring legacy.

If studios are going to try to extend the shelf life of these eighties action/adventure flicks and they’re dead set on introducing a younger version of the classic protagonist, why not flip a coin when determining the gender of the next generation? They’re alienating a huge demographic every time they do it, and they’re further entrenching public perception of defined gender roles. Not a fan.

So, in conclusion, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Google Led You Here: “Collective Noun for Draculas”I think the term is “vlad”, Internet Searcher. Ex: “The townspeople were preyed upon by a vlad of draculas.”




What’s the Joke, Projectionist? It’s less a “joke” and more a “whine”, I’m sorry to say. I’m annoyed that the Gennero/McClane kids have settled into the same ol’ pre-defined gender roles that action movies always love to promote.