Ticket prices seem to be obscenely high these days, and 3D/IMAX/whatever seems to exacerbate the issue. It’s good to know that at least in the fictional universe, there’s a place where you can get a good deal on a flick and a pack of Milk Duds.

Movie I watched recently: “Heat”. I had this one on hold at the library for a eight months, because there were about 250 people ahead of me in the queue.  After watching it, I’m convinced that there was just one guy ahead of me, who spent the whole eight months watching the film ONCE. It’s got some great scenes, but dang it’s long.  There’s at least a half hour of stuff in there that could easily be removed.  Apparently, there’s a TV edit of it that Michael Mann disowns, but I’m almost certain that such a version would have to be a less belabored viewing experience.

Am I crazy?  Is “Heat” overrated, or what?