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J.J. Abrams got the “Star Wars: Episode VII” job. As indicated previously, there was some fierce competition. Good choice, though I’m pretty sure he flat-out stated that he wasn’t going to do it (and thus was discounted as a potential candidate). He’s got a good sense of drama and I like what he’s able to do with action sequences. The only murky bit is his history with the rebooted “Star Trek” franchise, but I trust him enough to adhere to the core aspects of each universe and thus keep them distinct. There are rumours that his involvement may delay the announced release date from 2015, but we shall see. All in all, I’m happy with the decision. Brad Bird was far and away my preference, but Abrams will do nicely. Maybe we can have Bird for “Episode VIII”.

Google Led You Here: “Dungeon Master Hat” Good thinking, Internet Searcher. Every good Dungeon Master should have a silly hat to wear when behind the screen.




What’s the joke, Projectionist? Abrams getting directing duties for BOTH “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” sounds like the result of magical wish-granting forces being influenced by his 13-year-old self.