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I’m eager to get back to the cinemas. Professional obligations tore me away from a screening of “Zero Dark Thirty”, but hopes are high that I’ll be able to spare a few hours this weekend to take in some quality flicks.

As indicated in the comic above, “The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia” is a pretty awful title. It’s possible that they’re referring to a character named Georgia rather than the state. In this case, does Georgia have multiple personalities? More importantly, does a person with multiple personalities generate multiple ghosts when he or she dies? Must EACH of the personalities have unfinished business for this to be the case? WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME ASK THESE QUESTIONS, TERRIBLE MOVIE TITLE?!

Anyhoo. Don’t see that movie, because the title’s dumb and the poster’s dumb. Instead, watch some quality TV instead. I recommend “Parks and Recreation”. Also, “Community” is coming back in a few scant weeks, so warm up your TV set for that one.

Google Led You Here: “Matthew Domville Comic” Well done, Internet Searcher! That’s-a me! I’m also going to be doin’ some freelance comic stuff in addition to my regular “Cinema Bums” stuff. It’ll probably be posted in the “Other Stuff” page. Superheroic vegetables comin’ your way soon.

What’s the Joke, Projectionist? The title of the movie featured in today’s comic is baffling.