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The Golden Globes were last night. As established previously, they don’t “count”, but I’m glad that some folks recognize the awesome funny power of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, a power duo if ever there was one. There were some unusual choices in the selection of winners, such as Kevin Costner over Benedict Cumberbatch, Damian Lewis over Bryan Cranston and the perfectly fine but certainly not best-of-year “Argo” over anything. As I say, they don’t count, so best not to dwell.

This story about Synder directing another “Samurai” remake, but with Jedi sounded neat, and pretty plausible in a Disney-owns-SW world, but apparently it’s just malarkey. Ah well.

Big Ups! Big ups go out to Liam Gallagher for providing the title of today’s comic, as well as to Ben Schwartz, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Kristen Bell for the recent Twitter love.

Google Led You Here: “Groundhog Day comic strip”  You know, I should do one of those, Internet Searcher. I’d just have to repeat the same panel four times.



What’s the joke, Projectionist? A Jedi remake of “Seven Samurai” was far too beautiful an idea to survive in this harsh world, at least in Doug’s eyes.