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2012 was a pretty strong movie year, overall. I haven’t seen most of the likely Oscar contenders, so I’ve probably missed most of the major cinematic achievements, but as far as “general appeal” feature releases, there was a lot to like. “The Avengers” lived up to the hopes of all the Marvel fans, and everyone’s very eager to see what Whedon does with the next one. I dug “Brave”, though I still think those three ginger brothers are irritating rather than endearing. “Dark Knight Rises” is a divisive film, but I’m squarely on the “should have been better” side of the argument.

Not bad.

Google Led You Here: “Catan sheep hex” Poor sheep hexes. So often overlooked. So often the subject of mockery. Give ’em some support, Internet Searcher.



What’s the Joke, Projectionist? Doug’s initial encapsulation of 2012 is restricted to films alone. Expanding the parameters of the query reveals profound disappointment. We laugh at his misfortune.