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Still no “Django” or “Miz”, but I’ll get to ’em.

The story referenced in the strip hasn’ t been 100% confirmed, but if there is a poor guy struggling to see “Star Trek Into Darkness” as his final request, the best of luck to him.

The last movie I saw was “Goldfinger”, which I enjoyed. It established a lot of the super-spy trends and cliches, so it was interesting to see them in their initial form. Wealthy jeweler Auric Goldfinger’s got a nefarious plan involving Fort Knox and gold, so it’s up to Bond to stop him. Oddly (Oddjobly?), however, Bond doesn’t really have a whole lot to do with the plot. He mainly follows the bad guy around and does a poor job of actual evil plan twartin’.

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What’s the joke, Projectionist? Mindy is willing to pervert nice gestures into personal gain (possibly).