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So, I watched “Gremlins” as part of my personal holiday movie schedule. I think it holds up, overall. It’s got a nice mix of creepy and wacky, and it features Judge Reinhold (but he disappears after his first scene).

Zach Galligan plays a young bank teller. He seems nice enough.  He enjoys hanging out with a sweet bartender (played by Phoebe Cates) and sketching. The plot starts rollin’ when his inventor dad gives him a strange and adorable creature as an early Christmas present. This “mogwai” comes with some strict rules: No bright light, no water, no food after midnight. So, naturally, the second rule is broken pretty quickly. You put Corey Feldman in your movie, you can expect some rules to be broken, let’s be honest. Turns out, water makes mogwais (I’m guessing on the plural here) multiply. Next, Commandment #3 is disregarded, and we discover that these cute li’l mogwais enter into a pupal stage after their post-midnight feast, soon emerging as the titular gremlins.

Soon, you’ve got a small army of little green men dedicated to causing havok and generating elaborate schtick, in equal doses. The gremlins spend most of the film’s running time either terrorizing the townsfolk or putting on silly costumes and staging comedy routines. But it works, so I’m on board.

If you haven’t seen it, or the even broader sequel, I highly recommend it.

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