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I don’t understand Ashton Kutcher’s continued success, so let’s not dwell on him.

Movies! “The Hobbit”‘s coming out in less than two weeks. Early reviews are generally positive, but many critics feel that it’s overly long. Those familiar with the source material have expressed concerns that by the end of the first movie (“An Unexpected Journey”), there isn’t enough content left to justify two more flicks. I think Jackson’s planning to dip into some supplementary material and other books as he develops the new trilogy, so maybe it’s hard to judge so early.

I’m still peeved over the decision to turn this into three movies rather than one. Of all the problems that could have faced an adaptation of “The Hobbit”, over-length shouldn’t be one of ’em. I’ve ranted before about unnecessary division in movie adaptations, but it’s harder to take when it involves a filmmaker you respect. I’ll withhold final judgement until I’ve seen the first flick, but early signs aren’t good.

How can Sherlock, Watson, Stephen Fry, Steven Colbert and Dame Edna be in a bad movie, though? That’s a winning formula if ever I heard one!




Google Led You Here: “Projectionist Jokes Elevator” (stupefied blinking) No idea what you were lookin’ for, Internet Searcher.





What’s the Joke, Projectionist? Ashton Kutcher’s success is inexplicable, considering his record of producing nothing but poorly-received films.