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I follow a few movie sites regularly. I’m pretty invested in genre entertainment, particularly in film form, so I like to know what’s coming down the pipeline. As movie projects start to come together, though, it’s hard to tell if related stories are genuine news or just popular rumours. A question mark in the headline is usually a good indicator that the story is just “heard it from a well-placed source” rather than “you’ll be reading about this in Variety tomorrow”.

Anyhoo, movies. Which ones are comin’ out tomorrow? Lemme see. There’s “Killing Them Softly”, which looks quite good and features Scoot McNairy (who is not, as his name would suggest, a hobo). There’s also, bafflingly, a new “Universal Soldier” movie coming out. I think that the “Expendables” cast is trying to coast on the good will generated by those two flicks. I predict that it’ll work out for Arnie, but not necessarily the rest.

Google Led You Here: “Cinema Bum” Aha, Internet Searcher: Good news! I can offer MORE THAN ONE cinema bum! Plural! Just for you!







What’s the Joke, Projectionist? I thought I covered it pretty well in the dialogue and blog post, but here goes: When reporting news of questionable veracity, there are those that choose to protect themselves by ending the associated headline with a question mark. Mindy takes this concept too far. Classic Mindy, am I right?