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I didn’t get a chance to read “Life of Pi” when the book was huge, but the trailer just makes me think of “Calvin and Hobbes”, so here we are.

It’s American Thanksgiving today, so enjoy your tasty birds, kind people of the U.S.A.! Your tradition has migrated north, but the transition resulted in a slight temporal adjustment. As a result, I’ve already eaten all of my gratitude-related poultry for the year. Another of your traditions, Black Friday, has also made the journey to Canada. We will be celebrating this event simultaneously, but unfortunately, our bargains lack a certain oomph. Regardless, I will seek what deals can be found, mostly Xmas gifts for loved ones.

Movie-wise, I still haven’t seen “Lincoln”, and the first “Hobbit” movie draws ever closer. In “Star Wars” news, Lawrence Kasdan (screenwriter of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, and thus a minor deity in my eyes) has been tapped to co-write Episodes 8 and 9, along with Simon Kinberg (who didn’t write “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and thus pales in comparison).

Google Led You Here: “Peachtree TV Keeps Cutting Out” Can’t help you, Internet Searcher. Contact your local cable provider.






What’s the Joke, Projectionist? This is similar to this.