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Like many movie fans, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the announcement of the director of “Star Wars: Episode Seven”. Michael Arndt is taking on the screenwriting duties, but the director job has been the subject of much Internet speculation, with a diverse range of names being thrown around.

For the last week, though, we’ve only been treated to suspect after suspect declaring in interviews or Tweets that the collective nerd gaze should look elsewhere. The most recent director to do so was Brad Bird, and he was the one I was hopin’ for. I’ve loved every one of his movies, and that’s a very rare accomplishment. There aren’t many filmmakers who can boast such a sterling record.

As it stands, I hope we get someone with a unique voice and keen imagination to take the reins. Some of the frontrunners are known for making commercially viable but utterly typical blockbusters, and I wish on every star that Disney decides to make a bolder choice than that.

Google Led You Here: “Best Bum” Have the nominations already been announced? Thanks for keeping me in the loop, Internet Searcher.











What’s the Joke, Projectionist? News about the new Star Wars director is coming in like a round of the classic board game “Guess Who?”, as illustrated above.

Why are the back two rows empty, Projectionist? To quote Gary Larson: “It was late and I was tired”.