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I’d like to see “Lincoln” soon. Based on the subject matter and the people involved, it’s got Oscar nominations written all over it, even if it were terrible. Fortunately, it’s supposed to be pretty good, so I won’t be watching it as an Academy Award-related chore. Spielberg has treated me right over the years, so I’m happy to toss ten bucks in his general direction. Daniel Day-Lewis strikes me as a bit of a weirdo in interviews, but his performances are always very convincing. Even before the nominations are announced, I’m going to assume that he’s taking Best Actor this year.

I saw “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” for the first time recently, and it’s got me more excited about Shane Blank writing/directing “Iron Man 3”.

Google Led You Here: “Tuesdays With Money” Did you mishear the title of that book, Internet Searcher? S’all good. Whatever gets you here, man.

What’s the Joke, Projectionist: Stovepipe hat? Not ideal headwear for the cinema. I also like the idea of Doug finding the meek cinemagoer’s objection unreasonable.