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“Skyfall” was great, of course. The cast is amazing. Craig and Dench remain fantastic in their roles, and the new cast members were equally impressive. I enjoyed Javier Bardem’s unhinged but singularly focused Silva and I thought Ben Whishaw was great as the new Q (though he had a certain Doctor-like quality about him). I thought Naomie Harris’s Eve was particularly compelling. The action scenes were over-the-top and exciting, starting with an incredible sequence including a train in Turkey. The dramatic scenes had the appropriate weight, largely focused on Bond coming to terms with aging and his tragic past. I recommend it. It’s my second-favourite Bond flick, next to “Casino Royale”.

I also saw Sarah Polley’s documentary “Stories We Tell”, representing a wild tonal shift from “Skyfall”. I thought it was very engaging and interesting, if a bit long.

Google Led You Here: “Dance Magic” Curse you, Internet Searchers! If you keep searching for this, you’ll keep getting the song stuck in my head! Now the goblins must sing me to sleep. Zzzz.

What’s the Joke, Projectionist? I’m not sure, actually. I’ll get back to you.