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I’m excited about “Skyfall” this week. It’s been open internationally for a little while now, and it’s opening on Friday in North America. Oddly, my local theatre is selling tickets to November 8th (Thursday) showings, in addition to a Wednesday midnight showing, so I made sure to scoop up some tickets ASAP. I’ll be sure to share my thoughts after Monday’s comic.

To get in the Bond mood, I rewatched “Quantum of Solace” tonight. It’s not my favourite Bond movie, but I still prefer it to all of the Roger Moore ones (except maybe “A View to a Kill”, but that’s just ’cause of Walken). If you like chases, there’s some good and bad news. The good news is that the movie is absolutely lousy with chases: car chases, boat chases, foot chases, plane chases, you name it. The bad news is that the chases are filmed/edited in a frantic style, sometimes at the cost of essential details. It also features a CSIS agent, but unfortunately she’s pretty useless.

“Skyfall” should be pretty kickass. We’ve got Q entering the picture, as well as Javier Bardem as a baddie and Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort pretending to be a a British government official.

Google Led You Here: “Banter” I can’t tell you how to provide witty banter, Internet Searcher. You must find the strength within.



What’s the Joke, Projectionist? The concept of a Licence to Kill would likely be baffling to a police officer.