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I’m psyched for “Cloud Atlas”. The early reviews are a bit mixed, but they all seem to agree that it’s a very ambitious project with a wide scope. I enjoyed the book and the first, extra-long trailer was very compelling. Plus, Tom Hanks makes everything better. The early publicity seems to be focusing on multi-role challenge tackled by many of the actors. You may have seen some of the photos demonstrating the makeup used to turn Halle Berry into a wealthy Belgian woman or a futuristic Korean doctor. Playing “Spot the Star” might be fun, but I’m more concerned with seeing the story fully realized, hopefully with the same level of detail shown in the trailer.

Other movie news. Hmmm. I saw “Samsara” recently. It’s a documentary without a specific narrative, featuring some beautiful and diverse footage of everything from the Kabaa to post-Katrina New Orleans. Generally, I dug it.

Google Led You Here: “Mutant Cow” Is this a “Fallout” reference, Internet Searcher? Are you trying to find information on the two-headed brahmin?

What’s the joke, Projector? A new feature, where I explain the joke in the comic. Today’s comic references the film “Cloud Atlas”, in which many of the actors play multiple roles, sometimes using advanced makeup techniques to represent other ethnicities and genders. For humourous effect, I suggested that Vanessa Redgrave would be playing a tumbler. This is not, in fact, the case.