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I watched “Hocus Pocus” yesterday. Pretty enjoyable Disney fare, overall. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy play a coven of witches eager to steal the lifeforce of the children on Halloween night. Doug Jones, most famous for his elegant movement-focused performances in Guillermo Del Toro flicks, plays a zip-lipped zombie.

Considering that this is a children’s movie, I was surprised that they included a few elements, such as:

  • A straight-up hanging. SORTA SPOILER: The three witches are executed by the townsfolk in the introduction.
  • A child being murdered by witches. Also in the introduction.
  • A lot of fuss being made over the protagonist, a teenaged boy, being a virgin. It’s relevant to the plot, but it seemed odd that he kept getting mocked about it.

I also thought it was a bit odd to have two of the witches (Najimy and Parker) characterized as idiots, little more than Curly and Larry to Midler’s Moe.

It’s still a fun movie, though, and it features a sassy talking cat, so what more do you want? Plus, Garry and Penny Marshall make cameos. I’m unable to hear Garry’s voice without thinking of Paul F. Tompkins’s impression, but that’s my cross to bear.

Google Led You Here: “She had a tail” I’m pretty sure you were looking for some kind of unusual Harry Potter fan-fiction when you typed this, Internet Searcher. However, your search terms also led to an adorable cat video, so all is forgiven.