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“Paranormal Activity” movies keep getting made n’ released. Hardly surprising. They’re very inexpensive and they make boffo box office, despite diminishing quality with each new installment.

The “Paranormal” movies take the form of “found footage”, a horror trend that (I believe) started with “The Blair Witch Project”, a flick about film students traipsing about the forest on the hunt for the titular legend. I remember that the studios used some clever marketing with that one, trying to convince audiences that the footage was authentic. They wanted moviegoers to believe that three students disappeared in those mysterious woods, leaving only the film behind.

I’m trying to get into the Halloween spirit by watching a few spooky/horror movies. Yesterday was “Young Frankenstein”. A classic, of course, but I found myself particularly engaged by the non-comedic aspects of Gene Wilder’s performance. He can do schtick as well as any of the greats, but he can pluck at your heartstrings, too. My favourite scene is still the one between Frederick and Frau Blucher, where Blucher makes several attempts to offer Frederick a refreshment before retiring for the evening.

Google Led You Here: “Poser Genie Sucked in Bottle” This sounds like the punchline to a joke, Internet Searcher. What’s the setup?