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I still haven’t seen “The Master” or “Dredd 3D” and I may be running out of time on the latter. This weekend, there are a few movies coming out. I’m most excited about “Looper”, but if you’re interested in sub-par, broad comedic animation, then “Hotel Transylvania” is also on the docket. Also coming out are “Won’t Back Down” (won’t somebody think of the children?) and “Pitch Perfect” (America’s Kidz Got Singing!), both of which seem to feature that “Stronger” song in their ads (which my partner tells me is by Kelly Clarkson). I hope it doesn’t become the go-to soundbite for movies featuring women overcoming obstacles (which should really represent a higher percentage of movies than it currently does).

I watched “Ghostbusters 2” a couple of days ago. It was packaged with the first one, otherwise I might not have bothered. It definitely evoked nostalgia for me. I have vivid memories of loving the whole “Ghostbusters” brand, including the two movies, the animated show (“The REAL Ghostbusters”, thank you very much) and the toys, the toys, the toys. The toy company (Kenner) even did a line of Ghostbusters action figures based on the Universal monster lineup. I also had the life-sized ghost trap, with the functional foot pump that opened it. Good times.

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