LIKE my comic, because it’s not as bad as Hackman or Connery’s final films.

OK, I still haven’t seen “Dredd” or “The Master”. I did rewatch “Ghost Busters” and “Galaxy Quest”, though, and both of those remain awesome, so I have no regrets about how my time was spent. They’ve got a similar tone, also. They’re both action/comedies, and they’ve both feature excellent work by Sigourney Weaver. I’m a big fan of hers, by the way.

The Emmys were tonight, and I noticed that Bryan Cranston and “Breaking Bad” lost their Emmys to “Homeland”. Very unfortunate, but “Homeland” must be worthy of the award. I haven’t seen it, but if it’s going to beat Season Four of “Breaking Bad”, then it must be this century’s answer to “Hamlet” or “Ulysses”. Sigh, Emmys. Just sigh. You’re bad at giving awards. Not as bad as the Golden Globes, but even the often-wrong Oscars are ashamed of you at this point.

Google Led You Here: “Cuba Gooding Jr Bum” Knock it off with this one, Internet Searchers. It’s getting tiresome (and it’s starting to rival the internet search “Cinema Bums” on my listings).