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Yes, “Looper”. Rian Johnson (of “Brick” fame, as well as some awesome episodes of “Breaking Bad”) offers us a time travel yarn about a specialized hit man who’s tasked with killing his future self. Also: Telekinesis is a thing. So, I’ll definitely be watching that. Although I’m pretty sure this is the third Bruce Willis movie where his character meets a younger version of himself. If you can name more than three, I’ll give you an electronic tip of my hat.

For this weekend, we’ve finally got a good crop of flicks coming in. “Dredd” and “The Master” are coming out and have received exceptional reviews. Even that godawful-looking Client Eastwood/Justin Timberlake thing has secured a “Fresh” rating from Rotten Tomatoes.

Did I mention that there’s a new “Hobbit” trailer? As annoyed as I am by the whole “three movie” thing, there’s no way I’ll be missing ’em.

Google Led You Here: “Batman Hulk Fight” They DID fight, Internet Searcher. It was an older comic, I think, not part of that “Marvel vs. DC” thing from the nineties. While we’re on the subject, though: How the heck did Storm beat Wonder Woman? That’s ridiculous.