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“Dredd 3D” opens this weekend, not last weekend! Why didn’t you correct me, Internet? Also, no-one seems to be showing “The Master” nearby, so it might have been opening in “Select Theatres”. Ah well. When they come out, I’ll watch ’em.

This week, I revisited “The Sting”. It’s an amazing movie, but like most “con” flicks, it helps if you don’t analyze it too much. Of the two George Roy Hill-directed Robert Redford/Paul Newman movies, it’s my second favourite, but it’s still phenomenal. Redford’s great, Newman’s great, Shaw’s great, During’s great. Give it a rent if you’ve never seen it.

This weekend, assuming it’s actually coming out and I haven’t been misinformed for a second time, I’ll be watching “Dredd 3D”. The reviews are very solid, and the bar’s pretty low after the Stallone version.

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