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Whenever there’s a curse in a movie, I always try to understand the “rules” as soon as possible. The enchantment/blessing/curse in “Brigadoon” works as described above. The town disappears into the mists every night while a hundred years pass in the real world. So, if those plucky Scots sleep for seven nights, seven hundred years have passed to us. Also, as part of the “preserving the town” goal, if anyone from the town leaves Brigadoon’s borders, the town will disappear forever. So, obviously, at one point, someone tries to leave the town, thus generating some of that tasty-tasty conflict that we moviegoers crave. Those rules are pretty simple.

“ParaNorman”, which I saw recently, also has a curse. Like “Brigadoon”, it does a good job of explaining the particulars, making them clear without weighing the story down with exposition. Because the curse is consistent and understood, associated revelations have the desired emotional impact.

That’s not the case with “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”. That flick makes sure you’re ready for some cursin’ by mentioning the “Curse” right in the title. I appreciate that. However, the curse in question, a revenge/undead based hex tied to some Aztec coinage, is so convoluted and annoying that it’s not always apparent what the stakes are. I enjoy “Black Pearl”, but this annoys me every time I watch it. It’s also part of the reason why the next two movies are difficult to follow. They decide to double down on cursin’ by introducing the Davy Jones curse and the idea that some characters are DOUBLE CURSED. Geezy creezy.

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