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They’ve recently announced an IMAX re-release of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, my all-time favourite film, so today’s comic focuses on another Lucas/Ford collaboration. Han Solo is a big part of what makes “Star Wars” (“A New Hope” specifically) work so well. By the time he’s introduced, the stakes are already through the roof. A farm boy and retired general/hypnotist are the only ones who can deliver plans necessary to defeat a planet-destroying superweapon. But passage off-planet necessitates an arrangement with disreputable men, and so Solo and Chewbacca are introduced, captain and first mate of the supposedly-famous “Millenium Falcon”. Han’s arc of “selfish rascal redeems himself” is so simple but effective, it’s no surprise that he’s made such an impact on popular culture.

With regard to the “odds” thing, I think that in one of the “Star Wars” novels, it was revealed that Solo didn’t like being told ’em because he had no idea what they meant.

Google Led You Here: “twinkie cinema” They should serve Twinkies at movie theatres, Internet Searcher. Good idea.