I got her numbah, how do you LIKE them apples?

Variety reports that Ben Affleck is being courted to direct (and maybe appear) in a “Justice League” movie. With “Avengers” making tons of money and “Avengers 2” recently securing the return of Joss Whedon as writer and director, it’s understandable that the DC folks would want to assure fans that there’s forward momentum in their superhero movies.

As for Affleck as director, I’m cautiously optimistic. I liked “Gone Baby Gone”, but I haven’t seen “The Town” yet, nor his upcoming film “Argo”. He’s received some very strong reviews, though, and he’s an Oscar-winning screenwriter as well. Let’s see how it pans out. Most of my attention will be on the casting of Wonder Woman, if I’m being completely honest. I’m still trying to shake off the bad feelings associated with Adrianne Palicki.

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