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So, if you were part of the 1/7th of the world’s population that watched the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics, you probably saw James Bond meet Her Majesty, then escort her to the stadium via helicopter and parachute. I thought this was pretty neat, but I was also secretly hoping that they were setting the Queen up as the main antagonist of the upcoming Bond flick “Skyfall”. What a twist that would be, hmm? She’s been the one pulling the strings at Quantum and SPECTRE the whole time.

I’m looking forward to “Skyfall” quite a bit. Sam Mendes is directing this one. He won an Oscar for his first feature film “American Beauty”, then went on to do “Road to Perdition”, “Jarhead”, “Reservation Road” and “Away We Go”. He’s not really known for action, but it looks like he’s doing a good job, based on the teasers. There’s a young actor playing the new Q, as well as a couple of heavy hitters (Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem) joining the mix. I anticipate good times in the cinema come October.

Google Led You Here: “What happened to Wilfrid in Dark Knight Rises” Bruce Wayne’s butler is named Alfred, and I can’t tell you what happened to him without spoiling the movie, Internet Searcher.