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The chucklehead in the first panel has appeared before, though at the time, I didn’t image that the situation would become even more dire. There’s been some talk since ComicCon that Peter Jackson had some additional content filmed for the two “Hobbit” movies, though it was initially indicated that it would likely be used as extra material for a Blu-Ray release. Now, it’s starting to look like steps are being taken towards turning “The Hobbit” into a trilogy.

I was against splitting the book up initially (or splitting it up and adding material from other sources, however you want to describe it) so I’m obviously against splitting it up further. As I’ve mentioned before, I believe that books such as the final “Harry Potter” installment suffered from unnecessary division. It just reeks of a cash grab, so I’m a bit disappointed that Jackson seems to be on board. I like his version of Middle Earth, but I don’t think that you need three entire flicks to tell the story of “The Hobbit”.

Google Led You Here: “hulk watch” Presumably, such a watch would require an elastic band.